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Premium weight loss and lifestyle transformations which create long lasting, dramatic results to your health, body & mind.





Learn about and implement nutritional strategies that will transform your physique without feeling starved.


Tailored, structured, time-efficient & progressive exercise programme to cater for your requirements and goals.


By applying mindset principles to your burning desire of achieving your goals - you will become a better version of you.



I help busy men and women overhaul their health & fitness using a combination of tailored exercise, nutrition, lifestyle and mindset systems that are holistic and sustainable forever so they can...

✓ Feel confident and attractive around their friends, family, and out in public
✓ Feel full of energy throughout the day
✓ Fit into the clothes they want to wear
✓ Stop worrying about getting diseases and dying young
✓ Do day-to-day activities without getting out of breath and tired such as playing with their children
​✓ Add 10+ years of healthy living to their retirement

Without having to....

✓ Starve themselves 
✓ Count calories
✓ Give up the foods they enjoy
✓ Spend hours cooking or exercising
✓ Compromise their lifestyle

Jon has been absolutely amazing every step of the way.
Not only does he tell me what I should be doing, he also tells me WHY I should be doing it. This was incredibly important to me because it means if I mess up in some way (e.g. diet) I am able to make minor adjustments myself to correct these along the way rather than unnecessarily nagging and questioning Jon.
With Jon’s advice & training I have seen great strength gains (50kg to 60kg on bench press), as well as a drop in body fat percentage (13% to 11%) in just a few weeks. This is due to the great well-round workouts and nutritional guides he has given me, which are both enjoyable and are providing amazing progress.
Tom, Online Coaching Client
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